Keith Robert – Winner of the Extreme Grill Makeover

For those of you who haven’t heard yet the winner of our Extreme Grill Makeover is Keith Robert & Family. Congrats Keith! We hope you enjoy your new grill for years to come!

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who sent in their photos and stories about their ugliest grills. There were many truly worthy submissions but in the end Keith’s grill was the clear winner. Here’s the story his wife wrote about his broken down old grill.

As like a part of our family, Keith morns the condition of his old friend…his grill. Like most of us, it seems to be showing it’s age and the wear & tear we have put on it over the last 7 or 8 years. Keith and his “comrade” have been bringing family and friends together in anxious anticipation of his skills and creations (and sometimes mistakes:-) Yes, those same friends & family members are also guinea pigs at times and unfortunately our kids are NOT excluded. I must say though if you ask anyone that has had the pleasure of Dad’s grilling skills, there will be only positive comments…and I’m sure a few jokes. A couple weeks back, the old grill with it’s rusty banged up housing, finally lost the battle with “holding on”. The smoke box had deteriorated to the point of not being able to hold wood and has separated from the pit.Thefloor bottom itself now completely rusted to the point it had to be removed. With what seemed like great “engineering” skill, Keith fashioned some thicker pizza trays in an attempt to create a new bottom for the old grill. Well it worked great for about 15 minutes until the tray and charcoal all fell through the bottom onto the concrete. We all stood there trying to hold in the laughter yet feeling so sorry for what was a great attempt to resurrect an old friend. Not willing to give up, Keith grabbed one of the his old friend’s attachments…a grill…and a couple bricks and finished grilling campfire style. There was much laughter and teasing on that day.

There is great sadness now from our 5 children. Birthday parties, Christmas, July 4th …and just about any other excuse we could come up with for him to grill we would use, but now all is put on hold. Brisket, turkey, ribs (yumm), chicken….and even red fish fillets, there was no limit to what he could create…Now in grief, we all wait until the time Keith and I can afford to put the old one to rest and award the master with a new comrade. Can you please help us?

Signed, mournful Robert family


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