Tour de Kroger

Let me first say thanks to everyone who was able to make it to one of our Kroger locations this past week. We hope you got your fill of free samples and coupons for our award winning sausage. We love to drop in on locations around Houston and have these mini-events so ya’ll can get a taste of some of our lip smackin’ products. For those of you who weren’t able to make it out below are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what your missing. I should mention that you might notice our new toy in a couple of these pictures. We call it the “Boss Hog” and it is a beast of a truck. Decked out with a full vinyl wrap and soon to have exhaust stacks, bed liner and ground effects we think this makes a perfect compliment to our mobile smokehouse.

Here is a shot of a couple of our new friends enjoying a relaxing meal on our mobile smokehouse porch. Anytime we have an event feel free to hop up onto our back porch and take a load off. We love having guests.







Yum!! Some of our delicious Pecan Smoked Sausage. If you didn’t get some at the events you can find it pretty much anywhere in Houston. It’s sold at all your major retail grocery stores. Take A Bite Outta’ Texas!


Extreme Grill Makeover

It’s nearly dad’s big day and we want to help you make it special for him! But we need your help. Send in a photo of a Houston father’s ugly barbecue pit and we’ll give it an Extreme Grill Makeover! And, of course, dad will need something to cook on his grill, so we’ll also toss in a year’s worth of Holmes Smokehouse Award Winning Pecan Smoked Sausage or New Premium Hot Dogs! Judges from Holmes Smokehouse will do the judging. But hurry and send in those photos! We’re only accepting pictures until June 9! To enter click on this link to channel ABC13.

Gearing Up for the Rodeo.

That’s right folks! It’s almost rodeo time again this year. So saddle up your horses, get out your hats, spurs, and boots and join us for some Rodeo ruckus! This year we’re unveiling a new Holmes Smokehouse product that will hit the market in late March. Don’t miss out on the chance to try it first.