Holmes Smokehouse Hot Dog Eating Contest

You heard it right we are having a hot dog eating contest with the Houston Dynamo prior to the game this Sunday. This should be an exciting event and an opportunity for you to tailgate with us as well. The winner of the contest will receive a 6 month supply of Holmes Smokehouse products and a grilling tool set. So come on out and show your true colors…. Forever Orange!! If you would like to register for this event please click on the email below and provide your personal information and a way for the Dynamo to get in contact with you. Register Here


Having Fun at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic

We came, we saw, we fed! Holmes Smokehouse was found this past weekend at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, where thousands of Texans came to see some fishing, some great performances and eat some amazing food, including smoked sausage, boudin, hot dogs and more from Holmes Smokehouse.

Check out some of our pictures on our Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who came and saw out while we were out there.

Don’t forget that the Toyota Texas Bass Classic is happening this weekend in Conroe, Texas. It looks like some beautiful weather this weekend, so come by and find the Smokehouse Express trailer near the main stage and get some amazing pecan-smoked sausage and boudin! Need more info? Check out We’ll see y’all out there!

Holmes Smokehouse at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic

The Toyota Texas Bass Classic is a Conroe, Texas event that brings together all kinds of folks from around the state for a weekend of fishing, food, festivities and fun. You can bet that Holmes Smokehouse will be there the weekend of October 1-3 serving up some incredible sausage, boudin and much more.

You’ll find us the entire weekend camped out in the Smokehouse Express trailer close to the main performance stage. Grab a beverage and stop by and get some great food and your picture taken with us at Holmes Smokehouse.

For more information on the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, visit

Where we’ll be for football season

Football season is finally (and thankfully) here. Most of us didn’t think we’d make it, but now that it’s time to see the pigskin fly, we know exactly where we’re going to be – tailgaiting at the Texans games, of course.

Holmes Smokehouse will be tailgaiting at all Houston Texans home games this year. You can find us in the Blue Parking Lot inside the big Budweiser tent. Just follow your nose, as we’ll be toting our pits and grilling up some tasty pecan-smoked sausage and boudin for all to enjoy prior to the game. Here’s the lineup for the next few home games:

Sunday, Sept. 26 at 12:00PM vs. the Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, Oct. 10 at 12:00PM vs. the New York Giants
Sunday, Oct. 17 at 12:00PM vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

The only thing better than being at the game is tailgaiting before it, so come visit us at the Budweiser tent in the Blue Parking Lot before you head in and get yourself some premium smoked meats from Holmes Smokehouse!

So long, summer… a look back at our favorite recipes.

Having made it past Labor Day and welcoming the great sport of football means Summer 2010 is officially under wraps. It’s still hot in Texas, though, which means we’ll keep grilling until the snow comes down.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite (and timeless) recipes from this summer using our great-tasting Holmes Smokehouse products.

Stuffed Pork Loin
Talk about a super-easy way to impress just about anybody, stuffed pork loin is simple and very tasty. Start off with a nice cut of pork, butterfly it and layer down the middle with cream cheese. Take some of the Holmes Smokehouse boudin, pull it out of its casing, crumble it all along the middle on top of your cream cheese and roll it back up.

Season the outside of the pork loin with your favorite pork seasoning and wrap it up with baker’s twine or Holmes thick cut pepper bacon (try to guess which one we recommend) to hold it together. Toss it in the oven and cook it for an hour and a half at 350 then enjoy.

Meaty Butter Biscuits
A definite favorite around here, take a can of flaky layered butter biscuits and peel them in half, then cut them in half. Cut up a Holmes Smokehouse sausage (we like the jalapeno sausage for some extra kick) then toss it in the biscuit, then bake until golden brown. We love it for breakfast – definitely beats a bowl of cereal.

Check out our recipes page for more ideas, and if you have any ideas of your own, drop us a line on our Facebook page.

Keith Robert – Winner of the Extreme Grill Makeover

For those of you who haven’t heard yet the winner of our Extreme Grill Makeover is Keith Robert & Family. Congrats Keith! We hope you enjoy your new grill for years to come!

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who sent in their photos and stories about their ugliest grills. There were many truly worthy submissions but in the end Keith’s grill was the clear winner. Here’s the story his wife wrote about his broken down old grill.

As like a part of our family, Keith morns the condition of his old friend…his grill. Like most of us, it seems to be showing it’s age and the wear & tear we have put on it over the last 7 or 8 years. Keith and his “comrade” have been bringing family and friends together in anxious anticipation of his skills and creations (and sometimes mistakes:-) Yes, those same friends & family members are also guinea pigs at times and unfortunately our kids are NOT excluded. I must say though if you ask anyone that has had the pleasure of Dad’s grilling skills, there will be only positive comments…and I’m sure a few jokes. A couple weeks back, the old grill with it’s rusty banged up housing, finally lost the battle with “holding on”. The smoke box had deteriorated to the point of not being able to hold wood and has separated from the pit.Thefloor bottom itself now completely rusted to the point it had to be removed. With what seemed like great “engineering” skill, Keith fashioned some thicker pizza trays in an attempt to create a new bottom for the old grill. Well it worked great for about 15 minutes until the tray and charcoal all fell through the bottom onto the concrete. We all stood there trying to hold in the laughter yet feeling so sorry for what was a great attempt to resurrect an old friend. Not willing to give up, Keith grabbed one of the his old friend’s attachments…a grill…and a couple bricks and finished grilling campfire style. There was much laughter and teasing on that day.

There is great sadness now from our 5 children. Birthday parties, Christmas, July 4th …and just about any other excuse we could come up with for him to grill we would use, but now all is put on hold. Brisket, turkey, ribs (yumm), chicken….and even red fish fillets, there was no limit to what he could create…Now in grief, we all wait until the time Keith and I can afford to put the old one to rest and award the master with a new comrade. Can you please help us?

Signed, mournful Robert family

Extreme Grill Makeover

It’s nearly dad’s big day and we want to help you make it special for him! But we need your help. Send in a photo of a Houston father’s ugly barbecue pit and we’ll give it an Extreme Grill Makeover! And, of course, dad will need something to cook on his grill, so we’ll also toss in a year’s worth of Holmes Smokehouse Award Winning Pecan Smoked Sausage or New Premium Hot Dogs! Judges from Holmes Smokehouse will do the judging. But hurry and send in those photos! We’re only accepting pictures until June 9! To enter click on this link to channel ABC13.

Houston Dynamo

Come and cheer on the Houston Dynamo as they take down D.C. United this weekend! We’ll be at the game with the Mobile Smokehouse (pictured below) and our hot dogs are now being served at all the stadium concessions stands. Why do you ask? Because we are now the Official Hot Dog of the Houston Dynamo!!! Forever Orange! So join us this Saturday May 22 as we tailgate before the game. We appreciate all your support and so will the Dynamo. We’ll see you at the game.

Gearing Up for the Rodeo.

That’s right folks! It’s almost rodeo time again this year. So saddle up your horses, get out your hats, spurs, and boots and join us for some Rodeo ruckus! This year we’re unveiling a new Holmes Smokehouse product that will hit the market in late March. Don’t miss out on the chance to try it first.